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Fitzgerald Dental Clinic offer a broad range of Dental Services for the whole family. Some of these are listed below:

Prevention | Detection | Endodontics | Restoration | Cosmetics | Snore Prevention | Sterilisation


We are big on keeping your problems small. We have a dedicated hygiene department to carry out tooth cleaning and gum treatments. People are often unaware that they are harbouring periodontal disease as it is normally quite painless and can lead to loose teeth if not treated. We have access to laser technology to detect those small hard to diagnose carious lesions. Fibre optics and modern LED technology helps us to remove unhealthy tissue and to replace it with a therapeutic and aesthetic restoration.


Our clinic is equipped with the latest in digital x-ray technology. We have both the smaller in-mouth x-ray sensors to detect decay, and the panoramic sensor that produces an all-encompassing picture of both upper and lower jaws and teeth, instantly on the screen. This cutting edge technique utilises extra low dosage x-ray exposure with your welfare in mind.


Where deep lesions have badly damaged teeth, we use the latest in nickel titanium rotary equipment to treat and preserve these teeth.


This can be of damaged or missing teeth and may involve a variety of dental materials suited to the specific problem, or even the replacement of missing teeth. The latter can be carried out with dentures, bridges or implants. We only do what we can do competently and refer more complex problems to suitably qualified specialists in that field. We believe in doing it once and doing it well.

Aesthetics and Cosmetics

Looking your best is important. A variety of treatments come to hand here. They include crowns, veneers bridging, implants, and sometimes bleaching. While we encourage attempts to create a great smile, other factors like maintenance, cost and healthy tissue removal must also be factored in. Health, comfort and the ability to eat and live happily are paramount in our considerations.

Snore Prevention and Sleep Apnoea

When people have had the appropriate sleep analysis done we are able to provide oral appliances to help patients in this area.


Our clinic employs ultrasonics, a thermo-disinfector and duplicate high performance class B autoclaves as a means of ensuring that our instruments are certifiably sterile.

Please contact us about any of these or any other Dental Services